The Magnetic Mallet is the most innovative device for minimally invasive oral surgery and implantology conceived to shape the bone in a fast, easy predictable way in total control and with a very high patients compliance.

Why Magnetic Mallet?

To increase the minimal invasivity and a-traumaticity of the procedures, modelling the bone in a safe and controlled manner. The Magnetic Mallet re-shape the bone, without removing it. This opens an ample range of new option to treat the cases otherwise not doable using drills or other cutting instruments.  It also speed up the procedure compared to manual tools or other traditional tools. It does not generate any heat on the bone, therefore it does not need any irrigation water.

Where to use?

It is succesfully  used on most of the routine oral surgery procedures and for the most advanced protocols where saving the residual bone is crucial. Extractions, sinus lift, ridge split, bone modelling, bone condensing. With the Crown remover hand-piece, it becomes a convenient tool to remove bridges and crowns in jus a few seconds.

How does it work?

Osteotome or blades impacting the bone at high speed increase dramatically their capacity to apply a plastic deformation,  and in the meantime reduces to almost none the inertia ( what the patients perceive) . Magnetism provides enough accelleration to make the procedure extremely efficient for the operator and highly comfortable for the patient. Our patent works on a specific range of force/accelleration to be safely used in oral surgery.


Magnetic advantages


The magnetic-dynamic impulse delivers much more force than manual tools. This means increased effectiveness during a procedure.



The kinetic energy forces are
delivered precisely to the treatment area limiting dispersion to the craniofacial mass.
This level of precision provides more comfort for the patient and greater accuracy for the doctor during the procedure.


The ergonomics of the hand piece allows the doctor to use only one hand to position the instrument exactly where needed, using a precise longitudinal movement that avoids deviations due to varying bone densities.



Because no irrigation is required and only onehand is needed for use, the doctor’s view hasfewer obstructions. As a result, theinstrument’s depth of penetration is easilymonitored, more precise and controlled.


In each procedure that the Magnetic Mallet isused, the forces are delivered in a precise, constant and predictable manner giving the doctor total control during the procedure.


06. COLD

The Magnetic Mallet does not generate heat inthe bone; therefore, there is no need for irrigation. The mechanical friction between the instrument and the bone are developed within microseconds, a time frame not sufficient to increase the bone temperature.



It moves, replaces, re-shapes, condenses the bone. It never removes
the bone, leaving soft tissues untouched.